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In dreaming I can see them again.


This game began as a submission to the Yume Nikki Dream Diary Jam 4 and a sequel to Burden RPG. 

As a Yume Nikki fangame this game is based off of exploration and discovery directed by the player. 

I took the opportunity to finish up this project and thought this would be a great template for Burden 2: Remnants and a great way to show my love for those surreal RPG Maker games that got popular and started my entire game-making hobby. I hope you enjoy this project I had fun creating.



Demo Release Date: 6/26/20

v0.2 Release Date: 9/27/20

There are 2 endings to Burden 2: 

One Normal Ending and one Secret Ending. (coming soon)



Movement: Arrow Keys

Interact: Space Bar

Effect Action: Shift


Find the prequel Burden RPG here:

Can you find all the references to Burden in Burden 2?



Burden 2 v0.2 209 MB

Development log


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I can't believe i played the first one and i almost missed this one 

Thanks for playing and posting! I love seeing LPs! I'll keep you updated on when the finished game comes out :)


I like how many little details there are like the cash register making noise and the descriptions of things in the protagonist's room. Also the giant shadows of fish do a good job of creating a feeling of how small the player character is for the underwater area. Very nice demo!

Thank you! I tried to put as much detail as I could in such a small amount of time for the jam :) This will eventually be a full game with endings and many more maps, I'll create a devlog whenever there are substantial updates