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"In dreaming I can see them again."


This game began as a submission to the Yume Nikki Dream Diary Jam 4 and a sequel to Burden RPG. 

As a Yume Nikki fangame this game is based off of exploration and discovery directed by the player. 

I took the opportunity to finish up this project and thought this would be a good template for Burden 2: Remnants and a great way to show my love for those surreal RPG Maker games that got me into my entire game-making hobby. I hope you enjoy, I had fun creating.



Demo Release Date: 6/26/20

v0.2 Release Date: 9/27/20

v1.0 Release Date: 2/6/2022

There are multiple endings to Burden 2.



Movement: Arrow Keys

Interact: Space Bar

Effect Action: Shift


Find the prequel Burden RPG here:


Can you find all the references to Burden in Burden 2?


Walkthrough found here:



Burden 2.zip 215 MB

Development log


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Dude please help, I finished Burden 1 (just yesterday) and almost finished Burden 2 but I can't get the last third ending and i know to get it you need to  find collectable NPCs , 1st is Normal Sized Clown, 2nd is boy in the locker  but I just can't find thr last one, please, tell me who the last collectable npc? 

Sorry for the late reply! Did you find the Yume Nikki statue?

I've also updated the walkthrough here on how to get the secret third ending: https://yumenikkifg.fandom.com/wiki/Burden_2:_Remnants/guide#Walkthrough


Hey, thank you so much for the truly important hint, I would never checked this statue, thank you. :D


really great game:) i'm kinda sad cause i didn't get the story 


oh! I'm just now seeing this thanks for sharing and playing, I love seeing playthroughs of my games!


And it's okay you didn't get the story, it's very vague on purpose. You would probably have to play Burden 1 and then Burden 2 really close together to get all of the references :)


Time for my obligatory sudo-review for your game.

The amount of inspiration is obvious, but because you are trying to put your own personal spin on the Yume-Nikki formula, I'm giving it a pass.

The areas where varied and looked very nice, but not having an option to lower the sound effects is slightly annoying.

I will have to admit that I suck at playing these types of games, but what I did experience was nice.


I can't believe i played the first one and i almost missed this one 

Thanks for playing and posting! I love seeing LPs! I'll keep you updated on when the finished game comes out :)

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I like how many little details there are like the cash register making noise and the descriptions of things in the protagonist's room. Also the giant shadows of fish do a good job of creating a feeling of how small the player character is for the underwater area. Very nice demo!

Thank you! I tried to put as much detail as I could in such a small amount of time for the jam :) This will eventually be a full game with endings and many more maps, I'll create a devlog whenever there are substantial updates